Sky TV | About Mark Bunting’s Sky TV In-Flight Television

About Mark Bunting’s Sky TV In-Flight Television

Founded in 1993 by Mark Bunting, SkyTV is a full ser­vice tele­vi­sion pro­duc­tion com­pany that cre­ates cus­tom pro­gram­ming for in-flight pre­sen­ta­tion, broad­cast and cable tele­vi­sion and is the largest pro­duc­ers of cor­po­rate video con­tent for the Tech­nol­ogy industry.

With almost 2 decades of prac­tice, SkyTV has pro­duced con­tent for 11 air­lines, in 8 lan­guages and has a client ros­ter that exceeds 400 of the world’s most rec­og­nized com­pa­nies.

As pro­duc­ers of award win­ning tele­vi­sion pro­grams, high pro­file cor­po­rate video and cus­tom in-flight pro­gram­ming our stan­dards of qual­ity and excel­lence are un-matched. Our client list includes the top tech­nol­ogy, finan­cial ser­vices, auto­mo­tive, hos­pi­tal­ity, pack­age goods and many more com­pa­nies. Our pro­fes­sional team deliv­ers infor­ma­tional, enter­tain­ing and com­pelling fea­ture sto­ries specif­i­cally designed for the in-flight audience.

SkyTV’s In-Flight pro­gram­ming con­cept is sim­ple and highly effec­tive. Each pro­gram con­sists of a series of broad­cast qual­ity fea­ture sto­ries rang­ing from two– to four– min­utes in length. Pro­duced specif­i­cally for the air­line pas­sen­ger, each seg­ment bridges the gap between timely head­line news and cum­ber­some adver­to­ri­als with an ener­getic and highly enter­tain­ing news­magazine for­mat that com­pels view­ers to watch. We also cre­ate cus­tom shows specif­i­cally at air­line requests to ful­fill pro­gram­ming niches/opportunities. Our pro­gram syn­di­ca­tion expe­ri­ence cov­ers shows on real estate, lux­ury liv­ing, travel, music and enter­tain­ment (to name a few).

Our phi­los­o­phy for In-flight Mar­keters: Broad­cast tele­vi­sion is a pow­er­ful vehi­cle that can reach mil­lions of view­ers with inter­ac­tive and com­pelling com­mer­cial imagery. But despite its strengths, adver­tis­ers always run the risk of “ad break” tune-out and chan­nel surf­ing. Worse, many mar­keters sim­ply can­not afford the invest­ment that is “TV.” In short, despite all the com­pelling ben­e­fits of the medium, it’s expen­sive, can have sig­nif­i­cant waste, and you can still get your com­mer­cial “zapped.” In addi­tion, mar­keters wish­ing to reach a very tar­geted demo­graphic of afflu­ent, high net-worth, mobile, exec­u­tive decision-makers have few oppor­tu­ni­ties out­side of very tar­geted print pub­li­ca­tions. We can cre­ate cus­tom in-flight pro­gram­ming prod­ucts that will have edi­to­r­ial value to view­ers and finely tar­get an envi­ron­ment and demo­graphic to max­i­mize your broad­cast investment.

Our Phi­los­o­phy for Air­line Pro­gram­mers: With almost 20 years expe­ri­ence in the in-flight pro­gram­ming arena, SkyTV has the exper­tise to cre­ate highly desir­able pro­grams for our in-flight part­ners that their pas­sen­gers will find infor­ma­tive and enter­tain­ing. We also under­stand how to oper­ate as a short-form pro­gram­ming sup­plier within the con­text of your broader pro­gram­ming ini­tia­tive. Our cus­tom pro­grams will fill pro­gram­ming needs first and fore­most, how­ever they will also gen­er­ate a very attrac­tive finan­cial com­po­nent for our carriers.

Our Phi­los­o­phy for High Tech Mar­keters: SkyTV has worked on more corporate/marketing/trade show and other video projects for the high-tech indus­try than any other firm. As the first com­pany to syn­di­cate a “com­puter TV show,” SkyTV began as a pro­ducer of high-tech mes­sag­ing. We have worked on thou­sands of projects for hun­dreds of clients and own the undis­puted posi­tion as the “video pro­duc­tion com­pany of choice” within Sil­i­con Val­ley and the entire tech­nol­ogy industry.

With our head­quar­ters and stu­dio in Dal­las, Texas — SkyTV is pri­vately owned and oper­ated. For­merly a divi­sion of Ziff-Davis (NYSE:ZD), SkyTV was instru­men­tal in the begin­nings of the launch of TechTV (now G4). As the worlds largest pro­ducer of tech­nol­ogy related tele­vi­sion and video,

SkyTV has pro­duced first-run con­tent for Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel, CNBC. The Learn­ing Chan­nel, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, and many more.

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