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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Monique Demears of Destinations on Sky TV

Going into our 13th sea¬≠son, SkyTV‚Äôs tele¬≠vi¬≠sion pro¬≠gram ‚ÄúDes¬≠ti¬≠na¬≠tions‚ÄĚ has become the in-flight leader for show¬≠cas¬≠ing the lat¬≠est in travel. Sea¬≠soned travel host Monique Demears cov¬≠ers the globe in search of the lat¬≠est new travel ‚Äúhot spots‚ÄĚ while she cel¬≠e¬≠brates the joys of lux¬≠ury travel, top hotels, best beaches, points of inter¬≠est and the finest in dining!